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DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REPORT: The proposed Kwanokuthula Phase 5 & 6 Mixed-Use development and Associated bulk infrastructure in Plettenberg Bay

DEADP REF: 16/3/3/2/D1/10/0002/18

PLEASE NOTE: Information regarding the above-mentioned project is now available for a 30-Day review and commenting period until  6 February 2019Kindly forward your written comment to Betsy Ditcham at email:; fax: 086 575 2869; or postal address: P.O. Box 443, Milnerton, 7435 on or before 6 February 2019.

Associated Files:

14 draft Environmental Impact Assessment Report
App A - Topocadastral Location Map
App B - Google Satellite Location and Route Map for Bulk Infrastructure
App C.1 - Proposed Site Layout Plan Phase 5
App C.2 - Proposed Site Layout Plan Phase 6
App C.3 - Proposed Route of Bulk Sewer Pipelines
App C.3 - Proposed Route of Bulk Sewer Pipelines Master Plan
App D.1 - Botanical Sensitivity Map
App D.2 - Critical Biodiversity Areas Map
App E.1 - Interested and Affected Party Register
App E.2 - Site Notices
App E.3 - Newspaper Advertisement
App E.4 - Comments and Response Table
App E.5 - Comments Received
App F - Photographs
App G.1 - Civil Engineering and Services Assessment 2016
App G.1 - Civil Engineering and Services Assessment 2018
App G.2 - Town Planning Report
App G.3 - GLS Assessment of Services Capacity
App G.4 - Conceptual Stormwater Plan
App G.5 - Electrical Services Report
App H.1 - Socio Economic Impact Assessment
App H.2 - Botanical Impact Assessment Report
App H.3 - Freshwater Impact Assessment
App H.4 - Addendum to Freshwater Impact Assessment
App H.5 - Visual Impact Statement
App H.6 - Archaeological Assessment
App H.6 - Notice of Intent to Develop
App H.7 - Traffic Impact Assessment
App I - draft Environmental Management Programme