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DRAFT IMPACT REPORT: Proposed Housing Project at Delft Symphony, Remainder of Portion 12 of Farm Belhar 508, Erf 5693, Erf 5694, Erf 5958, Erf 6161, Erf 6162 and Remainder of Erf 1, Delft


DEADP REF: 16/3/3/6/A8/41/3300/18

PLEASE NOTE: The draft Impact Report for the above-mentioned project is now available for a 30-Day review and commenting period until 28 March 2019Kindly forward your written comment to Betsy Ditcham at email:; fax: 086 575 2869; or postal address: P.O. Box 443, Milnerton, 7435 on or before 28 March 2019.

Associated Files:

25 Draft Impact Report
App A - Existing ROD and Amended EA
App B - Proposed site locality map
App C - Proposed layout of the development
App D - Example Typologies of low income housing
App E - DEA Screening Tool results
App F - Critical Biodiversity Areas Map
App G - City of Cape Town wetlands database map
App H - Ecosystem Status map
App I.1 - I_AP Register
App I.2 - Letter Adjacent Landowners Notification
App I.3 - Letter drop evidence and site notice
App I.4 - Newspaper Advert
App I.5 - Comments received on Draft IA (First Round)
App I.9 - Comments and Responses Report Draft EIAR
App J - Curriculum Vitae of EAP and Company Profile
App L.1 - Town Planning Motivation Report
App L.2 - Engineering and Services Report and Capacity Letter
App L.3 - Stormwater Management Plan
App L.4 - Status Quo Botanical Report
App L.5 - Freshwater Assessment
App L.6 - Archaeological Heritage Scoping Report and HWC response
App L.7 - Biodiversity Offset Report
App L.8 - Original Construction Environmental Management Plan
App L.9 - Draft EMPr Addendum
App M - Proof of acceptance of Water Use License Application