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DRAFT IMPACT REPORT: The proposed residential development and the construction of associated infrastructure on portion 88 of the farm Kraaibosch No. 195


DEAD&DP REF: 16/3/3/6/7/1/D2/19/0044/17

PLEASE NOTE: To give effect to Section 24O(2) and (3) of the National Environmental Management Act, (as amended, you are hereby advised that you have 30 days from the 22nd of October 2019 to submit any comments on the abovementioned report.Comment on the document and proposed activity must be submitted in writing on or before 22 November 2019 to me, Barbara Raubenheimer, at the George Office at Fax: 044-874 5953, email: or postal address: PO Box 9087, George, 6530.

Associated Files:

Draft BAR report
App A - Locality Maps
App. B1 Layout Alternative 1
App. B2 Layout Alternative 2
App. B3 Layout Alternative 3 (Preferred)
App. C Site photographs
App D. 1 - Critical Biodiversity Map
App D. 2 NFEPA Map
App D. 3 Vegetation Map
App E.1 Final HWC comment
App E.2 - Electrical Services Confirmation
App E. 3 Water and Sewage Confirmation
Appendix E. 4- Tecnical Requirements BGCMA
App F. 1 Register of I&Aps
App 2.1 Notifications to Authorities
App 2.2 Notification to I&Aps
App 2.3 Letter to surrounding landowners
App F. 3 Proof of public participation
App F. 4 Comments recieved
App F. 5 Comments and Response Report
App G.1 Botanical and Ecological Assessment
App G.2 Freshwater Habitat Assessment
App H. EMPr
EMPr App A
EMPr App B
EMPr App C
App I. 1 Electrical Engineering Services Report
App I. 2 Civil Services Report
App I. 3 Stormwater Management Plan
App I. 4 Townplanning Motivation Report