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George Branch

SES was started in George in 1998.  Since then we have handled assignments in a range of environmental fields for corporate enterprises, private developers and most spheres of government, as well as a wide variety of work which we do for local landowners. We are a service-driven consultancy, typically advising on medium- to large-scale development projects. Our strategy is to consult on a level that both meets and exceeds the needs and demands of our diverse client base.

SES is an independent environmental consulting practice which provides a professional service and seeks solutions for all our clients. Our qualified consultants provide objective support on all matters related to the environment and are all leading specialists in the fields of environmental planning, assessment and management. Our team’s clear vision and core values allow SES to continually deliver the highest quality of service and value to our clients across all of our consulting engagements.


John Sharples – Managing Director and Lead Environmental Assessment Practitioner

John started Sharples Environmental Services in 1998 and has overseen the company’s growth and development since then. John also started the Cape Town office in 2010. John holds a Masters in Environmental Management from the University of the Free State as well as a Bachelors degree in Conservation. He has consulted for 18 years running a team of highly trained and qualified consultants and prior to this gained 12 years of experience working for environmental organizations. John is registered with EAPASA as a certified Environmental Practitioner.


Steve Kleinhans – Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Steve studied at the Potchefstroom campus of the North West University completing a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biological and Environmental Sciences. Steve then completed his Honours in Environmental Management and joined SES in 2010. He has over six years’ experience in the field of environmental management and has management a number of Environmental Impact Assessments which include river rehabilitation, residential development and service infrastructure projects.  Other project experience includes management of Section 24G Applications, the facilitation of Water Use Authorisation Applications, the compilation of Environmental Management Programmes and environmental monitoring.


Michael Bennett – Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Michael studied at the University of Cape Town graduating with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental and Geographic Science and Ocean and Atmospheric Science. Michael has gained over three years’ experience in the field of Environmental monitoring and reporting. Michael joined Sharples in 2014 and is primarily focused on the Environmental Monitoring aspects of the company which includes Environmental Awareness training of labour teams and Environmental Compliance reporting. Michael also has experience in impact assessments and the complexities thereof.


Debbie Bekker – Freshwater Ecologist

Debbie is a qualified freshwater ecologist and environmental scientist. Debbie holds a BA (Environmental Science and Geography), BA (Hons) and M.Sc in Environmental Science from Rhodes University. She was awarded her Master of Science degree, by thesis, in Wetland Science, entitled: The origin and evolution of the Tierkloof Wetland, a peatland dominated by Prionium serratum in the Western Cape. She has specialised in aquatic habitat assessment and has been consulting for more than 3 years producing numerous aquatic habitat  impact assessment reports. She is well established in her specialist field and has worked in various provinces within South Africa.