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International Climate Action Day

International Climate Action Day

Today we celebrate International Climate Action Day!

A movement for all concerned about climate change. Each of us has noticed or felt the impacts of climate change. Environmental consequences such as storms, drought, heatwaves, rising sea levels, warming oceans and habitat destruction has been on the rise. As the impacts continue to increase, our urgency to do something grows.

The concern of climate change makes people all over the world join together. Thus International Climate Action Day is a day to share ideas and remind one another that we can all do something to help improve the situation.

The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (2022) assesses the impacts of climate change, looking at ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities at global and regional levels. It also reviews vulnerabilities and the capacities and limits of the natural world and human societies to adapt to climate change.

The comprehensive report can be downloaded from the following link:

What is SES doing?

We recently had the privilege of attending the IAIAsa Climate Change symposium. The purpose of the symposium was to discuss the process of implementing climate change into impact assessments as well as to identify best practices towards sustainable low-carbon cities.

We provide professional environmental services, utilising our expertise to advise and work hands-on with clients to ensure that development is sustainable.

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